Strutting and Fretting

After Macbeth, is there life beyond the deep fryer? A young man in a theatre troupe struggles to get his life together after graduate school and a failed marriage. A novel by Kevin McKeon.

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bob speaks!

It's Bob's Diary from that crazy summer of 1980 on the California coast – actually the text of Strutting and Fretting – in audio installments for download or streaming. Read by the author.

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the dude writes

Sounding off on a number of topics, adding to the din and clutter. Some new fiction and some old gripes. And there might be some sentences stuck in there that nobody has phrased like that, before. Ever.

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Got reservations? Bob does - about his life. And his wife has left him. And he's broke. Party!

"At the forefront of all the serious new fiction released this year."
- Midwest Book Review

"McKeon times these beats impeccably; he writes with a kinetic energy that propels Bob's darkest and funniest moments at the same pace, making for both a fully realized narrator and a compulsive read." - Kirkus Review

"This superb work of fiction peels back the layers of [Bob's] carefully guarded soul for readers to explore. It is a masterful examination of a young man struggling to balance chronic low self-esteem with a performer's perpetual need for approval." - Publishers Daily Reviews


Above: Scenes from the feature film COLTON, written and directed by Kevin McKeon, cinematography by Adam Smith, music by Douglas Grove.